HoloLens Devkit Leak Shows Actiongram and Assorted Casual HoloFun

By Gary Cutlack on at

A series of instructional videos and miscellaneous materials showing developers how to get to grips with Microsoft's HoloLens have been put online ahead of time, showing off such concepts as the "air tap" and introducing an augmented reality holographic framework app thing known as Actiongram.

The details have been spewed out into the public domain by Twitter user WalkingCat, who appears to have a beta HoloLens dekvit but forgot the bit about keeping it a secret and has blown all future access to nice things by using it to scrounge up followers.

The Actiongram videos dumped online show plenty of concept gaming and, er, holographic VR experiences involving overlaid things upon real actual sofas, which sadly all look a bit... "Kinect" at the moment:

Although this one with an actual holographic version of the Windows Start menu just like floating there in the air may well be the most exciting thing IT men with an interest in VR have ever seen. Apart from that time they saw a woman's bra strap on a bus in the summer of 2012.

The docs in the data dump also say we can expect to see Actiongram officially announced on February 29, when Microsoft may also confirm the arrival date of final devkits with developers. [Twitter via Ars]

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