HTC Reveals "Streetwear" Inspired Mid-Range Desires

By James O Malley on at

HTC has announced three new budget models in its Desire range - this time for people who like "streetwear" fashion.

The Desires 530, 630 and 820 all have plastic shells, and 5MP front-facing cameras. But from there it starts to get a little different. The 530 has an 8MP rear camera, whereas the 630 and 825 have 13MP.

The innards are all slightly different too: The 530 has a basic Snapdragon 210 processor, with only 1.5GB of RAM and a 5 inch screen running at 720p. The 630 has the same screen, but uses the Snapdragon 400 with 2GB of RAM instead, and the 825 matches the 630 on processor, but has a 5.5 inch screen instead - and tops it off with a layer of tough Gorilla Glass.

Most interesting though is the case designs. Again, the 530 keeps things basic and will be available in either "Graphite Grey" or "Solid Stratus White" - but the 630 and 825 take things a step further. These are covered in splashes of other colours which due to the manufacturing process means that each case is technically slightly unique. These will be available in "Stratus White Remix with duo color micro splash" and "Graphite Grey Remix with gold micro splash".

You'll also be able to hang your HTC Desire precariously on a piece of string like in the picture above, if for some reason you're crazy enough to want to do so.