Kanye's 'Life Of Pablo' Fails to Chart Thanks to Tidal Exclusive

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest chapter in the life of internet curiosity Kanye West appears to have taken a darker turn, with his latest album failing to touch the US or UK charts -- presumably due to being an exclusive on dwindling music streaming resource Tidal.

The Life Of Pablo hit Tidal on February 14, but here we are and there he is more than a week later with no placing on the charts either here or in the US. Although the charts feature streaming listens in this day and age, that hasn't helped the record achieve success in the US, as Tidal is refusing to release its stream numbers to US sales watchdog Billboard's people. Hence no streams and no chart.

Billboard said in a statement handed to The New York Times: "Billboard has been informed that Tidal is not currently reporting streams for tracks on Kanye’s album to Nielsen Music. Therefore streams from Tidal for this title will not contribute to Billboard’s chart rankings at this time."

As if releasing only on Tidal wasn't limiting enough, perhaps having album artwork that doesn't look like its been automatically generated by a spambot (above) might help, too. [NYT via NME]

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