London's 771ft 'Flower Tower' Block Set to Stand Proud at Canary Wharf

By Gary Cutlack on at

Plans for an enormous residential tower in London are about to be given the go-ahead, it seems, which will see a massive 771ft tower built next to Canary Wharf.

The nickname for this one is the Flower Tower, due to having a petal-like arrangement at the base where its wings fan out a bit like a flower. Were flowers to be made of steel and glass. It'll be located right next to Canary Wharf in the West India Quay part of the Isle of Dogs, where it'll provide affordable housing for refugees and low-paid workers.

Only joking! Most of the 861 flats are likely to be some of the most expensive in London due to the tower's location literally a stone's throw from the Canary Wharf towers, with the luxury-enjoyers within able to enjoy in-house shops, a swimming pool, bars, gyms and a library, plus there'll be communal gardens for people to sit in and look at their phones.

Just 96 homes within the development will be classified as affordable by Tower Hamlets council, and they'll probably be accessed via a hidden tunnel that emerges somewhere in Peckham to keep them from mingling with all the suits. [Standard]

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