Mighty Dongle is Your Offline Spotify Playlist Buffer

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the Mighty dongle claim it's a wireless, phone-less, app-less way of listening to your Spotify playlists, by combining offline buffering of 48-hours of music with an iPod Shuffle-like device. This means you can leave your precious phone at home (ha ha as if) and still annoy people with audio leakage from your Sia remixes, by simply syncing up to 2GB of offline playlist content to the device via Bluetooth or WiFi.

The company's unrealistic aspirational photography suggests this might be ideal for people with big arms to listen to music, self-betterment podcasts and clean-eating audiobooks up a mountain with, but presumably us boring people in misshapen black may also use it to listen to Evanescence while walking around Tesco late at night looking for discounted stale doughnuts to make the coming bleak night more bearable.

It sounds great, although photos like this make it look like it's more of a testosterone delivery medical wearable for people who hardly even exist outside of computer games:


As well as being associated with photos like that if you buy it, an additional minor downside of Mighty is that you need Spotify Premium for it all to work; but if you're that into Spotify you'd consider a standalone Spotify device, that's surely not much of a barrier to entry.

Oh, and there's also the slight problem that it's not real and is only doing naked squat thrusts for money on Kickstarter at the moment, but it's surely an easy enough thing to get someone in China to make that it'll happen for sure at some point. [Kickstarter via Engadget]

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