National Gallery Wants to Replace Street Performers With a Trafalgar Square Park

By Gary Cutlack on at

The National Gallery is in the process of petitioning central London's local council to do something about the pavements outside its posh North Terrace of Trafalgar Square spot, suggesting that once the buskers and street artists have all been kicked out it might be nice to turn it into a miniature park.

The part of the square was only pedestrianised in 2003, when cars got the boot -- joining the previously welcome pigeons in being asked to leave the area. Now, the new director of the Gallery would like to glam up the paving slabs by turning it into a small park, with Gabriele Finaldi saying: "It would be nice for Trafalgar Square to become an attractive part of London. We can talk to Westminster about doing things together. It would be lovely to make it a space that works for us."

"It could be a place with trees, for shade and respite and calm," added Gallery chair Hannah Rothschild. Westminster City Council, meanwhile, is looking to introduce a system of licenses for street performers that fill the steps in front of the gallery -- meaning it might be easy to one day give them all the boot. [Independent]

Image credit: Trafalgar Square from Shutterstock

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