Oral-B's Connected Toothbrush is so Smart it's Stupid, But Mainly Smart

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Oral-B is seriously ballsy. The toothbrush maker is hell-bent on changing our attitudes to oral hygiene, bringing forcing the words ‘smart’ and toothbrush’ together, as well as ‘dentist’ and 'gamify’. Sorry, but there’s absolutely no way you’ll get me to associate THE DRILL with fun.

The company’s launched the Genius 9000, its latest top-end toothbrush, which will hit the market in July. It’s a completely ridiculous device, featuring motion sensors that track and help analyse your brushing technique, and works alongside an app (obviously), which is jam-packed with oral goodness.

First, there’s the Timer. You can guess what its primary function is. Oral-B says that most people spend less than a minute brushing, when they should be spending at least two minutes at it. The feature is there to encourage users to go for longer, while on-screen visualisations remind you to brush all areas of your mouth and warn you when you’re applying too much pressure.

Slightly extreme? That’s nothing compared to Position Detection. This requires you to attach your smartphone to your mirror (using a bundled holder), and ‘brush away the blue’. A disc split into six segments appears on screen once the system’s established that you are indeed stood in front of your phone, and your job is to make all of the blue bits disappear. You do this by covering each section of your mouth adequately, and you receive digital pats on the back and ‘hot streaks’ for doing a good job.

There’s even a special challenge, which hides all of the on-screen guidance, leaving you to brush as you please. That’s right, no safety nets here! Once you’re happy with your efforts, the app will show you how you’ve performed.

Bonkers as it sounds, I’m certain that the Genius 9000 will help people improve their oral health. It’s a thorough, thorough product, and we all know the company's bristle game is strong. However, whether or not consumers would pay good money (surely over £200) for a product that'll make a chore even more of a chore remains to be seen.