Samsung Just Leaked a Slew of Details About the Unannounced Galaxy S7

By Chris Mills on at

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone has already been given the full leak treatment, but in case there was any doubt left, Samsung Indonesia has leaked a teaser page and unlisted video full of juicy details.

The page and YouTube video, spotted by Phone Probe, look like they’re meant to be a launch-day (or shortly before) teaser, and they’re hiding on Samsung’s Indonesia-specific site. Both the YouTube video and site are hosted on domains or channels owned by Samsung, so there’s little doubt that the material is authentic.

We don’t get much by the way of hardware specs, but there’s still some good details in the minute-long video. It looks like the leaked press photos are spot on: the Galaxy S7 looks more or less identical in design to the S6. Wireless charging and some level of waterproofing appear to be confirmed, and yes, there will be a version with curved edges.

The teaser site doesn’t give us much more: a focus on privacy, waterproofing (possibly durability?), and low-light photography are all hinted at, in that vague PR-campaign way that doesn’t actually say much of anything.

Anyway, if you’re still on tenterhooks for the rest of the details, the official, non-screwed-up announcement will be happening on February 22nd. [Samsung via Phone Probe]