This Map Shows Just How Massive London Is

By James O Malley on at

We know that London is big, but do you realise just how big? A new set of maps produced by the folks at Time Out vividly demonstrate just how dominant our capital is.

London has a population of around 8.6 million people - which according to this research is the same as combining the populations of (deep breath): Bradford, Leicester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, York, Glasgow, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Southampton, Plymouth, Wakefield, Sunderland, Brighton, Nottingham, Coventry and Birmingham.


Even if you take entire conurbations and not just cities, London still matches the combined populations of Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Merseyside and Greater Glasgow. Or indeed, the combined populations of Scotland and Wales in their entirety.

The whole series of maps are utterly fascinating - and you can see the rest of them here.