Troubled Toshiba Axes Google Glass Rival a Week Before Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

Toshiba has apparently got cold feet (cold eyes?) about the wearables market, deciding to cancel the launch of its Wearvue TG-01 Google Glass clone mere weeks before it was destined to go on sale and sit unloved in electronics superstores.

The Wearvue TG-01 followed some of Google's lead in pitching the wearable at business and industry rather than the consumer universe, with the Japanese tech giant describing the device as more of an assistant to warehouse staff in need of a hands-free inventory system than a method for average folk to check notifications on the move while looking like an idiot.

It was only announced by Toshiba back in January, so it's hard to see what might've changed in the tech landscape so quickly. Although, perhaps the fact that it was being sold online, through pre-orders, might give us a clue as to what went wrong. As in, no one wanted it, plus the fact that it must be "connected by cable to a Windows device" can't have helped, either. Officially, though, it's been binned as part of Toshiba's restructuring efforts. [WSJ]

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