BBC's First Major VR Project is an Easter Rising Documentary

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

To mark 100 years since the Easter Rebellion, the BBC has announced Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, a documentary that will land later this year. It represents the corporation’s first major foray into virtual reality, and will allow Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR users to watch the Irish uprising through the eyes of Willie McNieve, a 19-year-old eyewitness.

The BBC says it’s used McNieve’s eyewitness account to provide a more personal glimpse of the rebellion. “The events of 1916 in Ireland had an immense impact on Anglo-Irish relations,” said BBC executive Martin Davidson. “In this anniversary year, BBC audiences will be able to tap into a variety of programming that sheds a light on the lasting influence of the attempted rebellion that took place whilst the rest of the country was distracted with World War One.”

There’s no mention of the Vive, unfortunately, and any of you who haven’t yet jumped on the VR bandwagon will be able to watch the action in regular video form at BBC iWonder. [ArsTechnica]