BlackBerry on the Verge of Ditching Smartphone Hardware

By Gary Cutlack on at

Daniel Chan, an analyst with TD securities, has gone live with quite the opinion, claiming that he foresees a future in which BlackBerry gives up on hardware altogether, thanks to not exactly setting the world a flame with its Android options.

Recent decisions by Facebook and WhatsApp to stop supporting BB devices and systems may be the catalyst, thinks Chan, who said: "Not only are there no BB10 devices in the pipeline, but also the loss of two of the most popular mobile apps across all platforms could lead to the end of life of BB10."

It wouldn't be the end of the company, though; far from it. Chan's numbers say that a BlackBerry unshackled by having to support hardware would be a profitable operator, becoming a desirable software company with a $1.4 billion (£980m) per year turnover, allowing it to turn a profit and carry on existing without hitting the news every few months for sacking another swathe of people.

It would also mean its R&D budget might drop by as much as 50 per cent, seeing as trying out a few new skins inside apps is quite the easy task when compared with building physical devices with flip-out keyboards, screens, operating systems and what have you. [Android Headlines]

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