Kill Voicemail By Ignoring it Completely Using This App

By Darren Orf on at

What’s the use of voicemail? It’s a hotly contested topic. Some love it. Some loathe it. For those of you in the latter group, there’s No More Voicemail.

The app is simple. When your phone would usually intercede and record a voicemail No More Voicemail takes over, redirecting the call to another number that just rings and rings and rings. The idea is that — hopefully — the caller will just hang up and text you instead.

The tech is similar to Google Voice, but instead lets the caller wait while the phone endlessly rings. TelTech Systems, the developers behind the app, have made other controversial apps in the past like SpoofCard, which lets you tamper with caller ID; TapeACall, which lets you secretly record a call; and TrapCall, which unmasks “anonymous” caller ID numbers.

If you want to completely forget that voicemail ever existed, just set it up and forget it. Your friends, grandparents, and co-workers will eventually get the hint. It’s available on iOS and Android for free. [TechCrunch]