Amazon Denies Overpaying for Clarkson's Top Gear Rival

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the bosses of Amazon's Prime Video department has come out in defence of the amount of money it (is rumoured to have) thrown at Jeremy Clarkson and his two sockpuppet straight men, claiming the decision to get the car-liking team signed up was a "safe bet."

Jay Marine, Amazon's European Prime Video boss told the Guardian that: "This is on the safer side of bets I’ve made. We look at everything when we consider a new show and deal. The reality is these three guys have made a great show for a long time. They have a passionate following and yeah, sometimes they are controversial. But I can tell you people are excited to see them back on air."

And he's had his people run the numbers, too. Even if the $160m contract rumours are true and there are one or two scandals involving but not limited to meat and foreign people, Marine thinks it'll work out for the best.

He continued: "Have we paid a lot of money? For sure. But these guys are worth a lot of money. It’s very rare that you find something like this where a team come along who already have a built-in worldwide audience that I would argue is unique. This was one of the most sought-after and highly competitive situations we’ve seen in terms of signing them. We looked at the data every which way and we love this deal."

So he wants a bit of BBC Worldwide's market share, and doesn't necessarily care about how it comes about. If a few Swedish vegetarians are offended in the process, who cares? [Guardian]

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