Instagram Does Not Want This Rubbish-Reporting App to be Called Littergram

By Jamie Condliffe on at

There’s a small British app that allows people to take pictures of rubbish on the street then report it to local authorities so they can do something about it. But Instagram thinks that its name — Littergram — needs binning.

Instagram’s lawyers have apparently told Littergram’s owner Danny Lucas that the name is “not acceptable”, according to the BBC. The legal team has given him six months to change the name, but Lucas claims that altering the brand would destroy his “ingenuity and hard work”.

Lucas has since posted a “personal plea to Mark Zuckerberg” on YouTube. Brace yourselves:

However worthy the aims of Littergram — and trying to clean up city streets is undeniably a good thing — it is still a photo sharing app with a name that’s an awful lot like that of Instagram. So it’s unsurprising that people are annoyed.

It’s unlikely that a video plea will win anyone over. [BBC]