Make Stephen Hawking Beat Nikolai Tesla to a Pulp in 'Science Kombat'

By Gary Cutlack on at

A really quite lovely little web game going by the name Science Kombat has been stuck online, letting players pick their favourite living or historical scientist then battle it out in a game that uses their specialist fields to populate their character skills.

Yes, Stephen Hawking's is in it in his chair, batting people in the head with his control panel, plus Nikolai Tesla has electrical weaponry a bit like Iron Man in that old Capcom fighter, plus you can literally be Alan Turing, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie and more. It's all been assembled by Fred Di Giacomo and Otavio Cohen, whose exotic names ought to indicate that some of the menu screens are in a foreign language that might be Spanish or Portugalish or something.

But it's easy enough to work through, plus the game's tag line "Super Interessante" is a joke that transcends language barriers, much like the art of pressing buttons to inflict damage and science itself. [Science Kombat via Shortlist]

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