Bonkers Japanese Engineers Promise Flying Cars for 2020 Olympics

By Gary Cutlack on at

As you can see from the above pic, the Cartivator SkyDrive currently only exists as a rendered image -- only one small step nearer to being real than an imagined thing in a man's head. But still, the team thinks it might somehow fasttrack this into existence in less time than it takes established car companies to think up a name and check it doesn't mean anything rude in other languages.

No wait, they've actually been working on it since 2014, when some of the men behind the project videoed themselves messing about with a drone, as if toys are in any way similar to flying machines able to carry humans. The clip ends with a CG version of the car entering the 2020 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony and flying up to light the flame. At least they are imagining big.

Imagine with them:

The most recent image to be added to the team's gallery was uploaded in October of 2015, and is called "Preparation for test flight." Given there are no subsequent photos of the test flight actually happening, we can only assume it ended in failure, decapitations and fire. [SkyDrive via Telegraph]

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