Canon Killer Base is a Chronological Timeline of the New Star Wars Canon

By Tom Pritchard on at

As every Star Wars fan knows, Disney ditched all the old 'Legends' expanded universe in favour of starting afresh. Canon can be tricky to keep track of at the best of times, let alone when there are two separate ones in the mix. Thankfully, Canon Killer Base is there to keep you on top of Star Wars' ongoing expanded universe.

The main focus of the site is to outline the current canon, listing all the books, comics, games, films, and TV shows in chronological order (aside from Aftermath which has been put pre-Episode IV, rather than post-Episode VI). That makes ensuring you're up-to-date on all things Star Wars an absolute cinch.

Each instalment has its own page, complete with a gallery, blurb, and a link to Amazon (.com, sadly, but you can easily navigate to the UK version). There's also a button to mark that you've read the book and keep track of everything.

Canon Killer Base also comes with a bunch of information about the canon, including how to start, and what the difference is between the new canon and the old 'Legends' expanded universe.

So if you're into Star Wars, but not so into it that you keep track of all this information already (or need an easier way to do it), Canon Killer Base is a great place to look.