New Top Gear Finally Has an Official Launch Date

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

With all eyes on Clarkson and The Grand Tour yesterday, you can be forgiven for missing the BBC’s rather important new Top Gear announcement. The revamped show will officially return to our screens on May 29th, presumably at 8pm.

The BBC’s been dilly-dallying over the new series’ air date for weeks, so it’s good to have a solid date to mark in the diary. Chris Evans originally said it would skid into our living rooms on May 8th -- obviously that didn’t happen -- and then May 22nd was floated. However, that would have put the show up against the first semi-final of this year's Britain's Got Talent, a heavyweight clash the BBC was desperate to avoid.

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Extra Gear, an online-only, behind-the-scenes Top Gear spin-off that sounds sort of like a Big Brother’s Little Brother for middle-aged car fans who know how to use the internet will air on BBC Three -- through the channel’s website and iPlayer -- immediately after Top Gear finishes on BBC Two. [TopGear]