Prisoner Swallows Mobile Phone, Goes Through All Sorts of Hell

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if you decided to swallow a phone, we’ve got the answer. A 29-year-old inmate at an Irish prison did just that, and travelled through the nine circles of hell as a result.

He was admitted to hospital 10 hours after cramming the device down his gullet, by which point he’d already been vomiting for four hours. An X-ray confirmed that he did indeed have a mobile, measuring 68 x 23 x 11mm, in his stomach, and doctors proceeded to, well, test out a few tools.

They first went down the graspers and forceps route, but that didn’t work because they couldn't quite align the phone so it would come out without damaging the patient's oesophagus. Fortunately, the alternative didn’t involve going up the rear entrance.

They finally managed to remove the foreign object by performing an upper midline laparotomy, which involves slicing through the abdominal wall. The chap in question, who is reported to have been suffering from mental health issues, has since made a full recovery and received support through counselling. [, IJSCR]