Steve Jobs Tea is the Ultimate Fanboy Cuppa

By James O Malley on at

Steve Jobs will forever be associated with some iconic products: From the Apple II, to the iPod and iPhone - he has changed the way we live more almost anyone else.

But it appears that he could soon be associated with another product -- despite the fact that he's been dead for almost 5 years. No, not the Apple Car or some other techno-wizardry... but tea.

According to Cnet, Magda Swirepo spotted the above box of teabags in an Auchan supermarket in Katowice, Poland. For some reason, Jobs' face adorns the packaging, rather than something much more sensible - like the Yorkshire countryside, or chimps. She posted the photo on Twitter.

It appears that the company that makes it, Tea Rebels, has used a number of famous faces - with other types of tea featuring Einstein, John Lennon, Gandhi and Mother Theresa, amongst others. Though whether Jobs' appearance has been approved by Apple is currently unknown.

So could this be Steve's new legacy? In any case, we reckon that back in the day it was probably Steve Wozniak who was the one making the tea.