Take a Thirty Second Trip to the Centre of the Galaxy

By Maddie Stone on at

Another May the 4th, another day of wishing scientists would hurry up and invent FTL propulsion already. But now, NASA has gone and given us the next best thing: a virtual trip to the centre of the galaxy, stitched together from a stunning series of Hubble wide-field images.

In half a minute, you can take the dizzying 27,000 light year trek from Earth’s lonely vantage in the galactic middle of nowhere to the Milky Way’s densely-packed core, where a million Suns are crammed into the volume of space between here and Alpha Centauri. At the centre of our galaxy, stars swarm about the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*, a bunch of giant fusion reactors popping off into abyss one by one.

It will leave you feeling very small and powerless, and also, wishing you had a control knob to enhance that damn black hole. [Hubble]