The Cheapest Place to Buy Uncharted 4

By Gerald Lynch on at

You may not be after a treasure as valuable as those that Nathan Drake hunts down, but for PlayStation gamers, finding the cheapest place to buy Uncharted 4 this week will be a prize every bit as satisfying as digging up lost pirate gold. Perhaps the most hotly anticipated PS4 game in the console's history, developer Naughty Dog is sending its Indiana Jones-alike on one last globetrotting adventure.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is picking up rave reviews, with our chums over at Kotaku UK calling it a "wonderful finale" to the series. You can read their full review here. But chances are, if you're already here, you already know you want the game. So read on, deal hunters, as we explore the lost tombs of gaming retail to uncover the cheapest place to buy Uncharted 4.

cheapest place to buy uncharted 4

The Cheapest Place to Buy Uncharted 4

Now, if you're after the absolute cheapest price for Uncharted 4, you need to turn your attention to eBay, where sellers are offering the game for £32. However, the whole process seems a bit sketchy – rather than purchasing a physical copy of the disc, or even a download code, you'd be purchasing access to an account with the game tied to it, and then pulling off a trick associating it with your console. I'm pretty sure this is against Sony's terms and conditions, and with the seller stating it deals out absolutely no refunds, proceed at your own risk. Other sellers are offering the disc only for £32, too, with delivery pushing the cost up to £35.

If you're not keen on the whole account buying method, and would rather get a nice box with the game rather than just the disc, your next best bet is Amazon's Marketplace sellers. The current cheapest option there is for a new, sealed copy of the game at £36.99 with £2.03 postage popped on top, for a grand total of £39.02. Other sellers are offering similar prices there, too.

Other than that, you head to the big boy shops. Boomerang is the next cheapest Uncharted 4 seller at £41.65, but if you'd prefer a more recognisable retailer, both Amazon and Tesco are dishing out the game at £42 a pop, which looks to be the going rate pretty much everywhere else. Zavvi has it on sale for £42.99.

For the sake of reference, GAME is selling Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for £47.99, while the digital download straight from the PlayStation Network store will set you back £49.99.