The Krispy Kreme Nutella Doughnut Lands May 27th, But You Can Scoff it Up Early

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

How has this only just become a thing? The poor, sugar-coated, jam-pumped people over at Krispy Kreme have pseudo-leaked the Nutty Chocolatta, a new doughnut creation that's packed with lovely, oozy Nutella. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It’s landing on May 27th, but for some reason will only be available to people with a prescription. Just kidding! This thing ain’t good for you. Kiss that beach bod goodbye -- it’s time to turn into a big jelly monster.

On a serious note, Krispy Kreme says the Nutty Chocolatta will vanish from the shelves on September 4th, though we’re pretty certain it’ll prove popular enough to make it as a permanent menu item. It’s bloody expensive though, with each doughnut coming in a £2 a pop. £2!? For a glorified chocolate spread sandwich!? Ehh, people aren't going to care.

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Oh yeah, if you’re lucky(?) enough to live or work in central London, you can grab a Choccy Nutellatta -- whatever, it's a stupid name -- from a hole in the wall at 229 High Holborn from 8am on May 9th. To save you from looking like a buffoon, bear in mind that it will only accept contactless payments. [Metro]