The Pope Has Been Hanging Out with YouTube Celebrities

By James O Malley on at

79 year old Pope Francis just became the envy of teenagers everywhere, as yesterday the Holy Father was lucky enough to hang out with 11 international YouTube celebrities. Seriously.

According to the Official YouTube Blog, Francis sadly didn't get to finally have a meeting of minds with Zoella, but he did get to meet similar British beauty vlogger Louise Pentland, as well as her colleagues from all over the world. Apparently we'll get to see videos from each of the bloggers over the coming weeks - so we're hoping that we'll finally find out where the Pope buys his gorgeous dresses from.

US based gaming vlogger Matthew Patrick was also in attendance, but sadly there was no reports on whether His Holiness preferred Smash Bros Melee or Brawl.

Though it sounds bizarre, the meeting sort of makes sense. After all, Christianity started when a young, media-friendly face connected with a big audience by sharing details about his life. In a sense, Jesus was the original PewDiePie.

According to The Guardian, the Pope did his best to connect with Pentland, saying "I am glad that you carry out the type of work you said, following the line of beauty, it’s a great thing. To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralise aggression". Presumably he is hoping that she will give his own YouTube channel a plug on hers.

According to the YouTube write-up, they were able to discuss with Francis some of the issues they care about, including "immigrant rights, gender equality, loneliness and self-esteem, and greater respect for diversity of all kinds".

It was all part of an education conference at the Vatican, which was also attended by normal celebrities George and Amal Clooney.