Vladimir Putin Comforted Tim Peake When He Was Afraid of Going Into Space

By Gary Cutlack on at

Time Peake, that man who's taking photos out of the window of the ISS, drawing pictures and going on YouTube a lot, was once a worried man. He was concerned that a breakdown in Anglo-Russian relations might see him abandoned in space, refused a lift back down in the Soyuz pod that took him up there. He was eventually reassured by Vladimir Putin himself.

Given Putin's reputation, it's hard to know exactly how reassuring his words might've been, but they clearly worked as Tim went through with it and is up there right now, leveraging his elevated position for social media likes and using all the Wi-Fi to upload photos of clouds.

The story comes via UK Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood, who was speaking to a Westminster crowd about East-West relations. Ellwood said: "...a friend of mine had cause to use Russian transport and was a bit concerned about international developments -- the East and West -- and he might get stuck at the end of his destination and not be able to get back."

"That friend of mine was called Tim Peake," he added as the bombshell revelation, continuing: "...he was using a Soyuz space capsule to get himself up to the International Space Station and didn't want to be abandoned up there."

"Mr Putin grabbed my arm and said: 'Mr Ellwood, tell Mr Peake we will not abandon him'," is how the amazing international politics and space travel anecdote ends, with the Russian leader personally passing on the message during the 2015 European Games in Azerbaijan. [IB Times]

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