What Do You Think of Google's Black-Coloured Test Search Results?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

This is not a racism storm. I repeat: this is not a racism storm. Google is A/B testing a new colour scheme for its search results, and we’re not especially taken with it. As you can see from the corresponding screengrabs, some users’ search results are appearing in black, rather than blue, and it doesn’t quite look right. The body text and link addresses have thankfully remained black and green, respectively.

A quick Twitter search tells us that we’re not the only ones praying that Google doesn’t decide to make the change permanent. It all, however, depends on clicks. If its new-look search results attract improved engagement, Google’s going black.

The company doesn’t consider me important enough to test product changes on, but if you do happen to be one of the chosen ones and want to return to bluer, more familiar times before you lose your shit and run off to Bing (don't do it!), you should be able to return to regular Google by logging out of your account and back in again. If that fails, instead disable "Your searches and browsing activity" in Chrome's settings and hope for the best.

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Then again, perhaps you find Google's new look clean and fetching. In which case you're a weirdo. Or a search results hipster. [Telegraph]