Woman Punishes Cheating Boyfriend With Game of Thrones Spoilers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A really quite industrious angry ex-girlfriend has come up with a great way to get back at her hated former partner -- using every messaging service in existence to spam him with Game of Thrones spoilers.

The boyfriend turned to Reddit for advice (mistake #4) and posted the following explanation in a thread that's since been deleted:


Borrowing the phones of sympathetic mutual friends to send him SMS spoilers once all other channels have been blocked is a particularly devious method of attack. Well done, anonymous lady, and also well done to some of the commenters on Reddit at least, who themselves replied to the man's plea for help with... spoilers.

In short, he needs to engage aeroplane mode for an hour or so every Monday night to avoid being told who died, got their tits out or turned into a dragon this week, as penance for his infidelity, because his former partner has gone a bit Gone Girl on his arse. Less time on Reddit and your phone, and more time watching the things you're supposed to like. Sound advice for all. [Deadspin]

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