OnePlus is Finally Ditching its Annoying Invite System

By Darren Orf on at

When the OnePlus One appeared out of relative obscurity in 2014, its sparkling arrival came with one glaring flaw: invites. The phone was only available through an awkward system whereby you could sign up for an invite to purchase the phone at irregular intervals.

The system was a flawed nightmare, but it was a necessary evil that helped the young company manage huge demand. After two years and two more smartphones, OnePlus is saying goodbye to invites at long last.

The Chinese company’s anticipated OnePlus 3 will be launching on June 14th, and this time you won’t need an invite to get one. Instead of asking a company “pretty, pretty please” to buy its pocket computer, you can now buy it like any other device, which should help make OnePlus the bigger player it deserves to be.

As of today, the OnePlus 3 still only exists as a big pile of rumours. Many are expecting a 5.5-inch device with a 1080p screen, the latest Snapdragon 820 processor, and a design that’s equal parts Apple and HTC. It will still run the company’s in-house Android mod, called Oxygen OS.

All signs point to the OnePlus 3 carrying on the company’s tradition of making very good phones for not a lot of money: CEO Carl Pei says the phone will cost just $300 (suggesting a potential £279 to £299 UK price point). And this time, you might actually get to buy one before the hardware goes out of style.

Image: Evan Blass