The Creator of Settlers of Catan Has Some Important Gameplay Advice for You

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Klaus Teuber is a name that’s probably not immediately recognisable to you but might ring a bell in the back of your mind because as the inventor of Settlers of Catan, his name graces every box. Surprisingly board game design was originally Klaus’s hobby, but after selling 25 million copies of Catan, he no longer has to work in a dental laboratory—or really ever again.

Great Big Story recently travelled to Germany to meet Klaus, and his family, and picked his brain for some gameplay strategies. His advice? Don’t waste your time chasing the longest road early in the game. You might think it’s your secret weapon, but it will end up hindering the growth of your settlements.

The entire video is a charming look at the mind of a legend, so dig in.

[YouTube via Geeks Are Sexy]