Majestic 10-Kilo Lobster Dies After Being Released Into the Wild by Clueless Humans

By Sophie Kleeman on at

First, death came for Larry, the 15-pound, 100-year-old lobster who died on his way to freedom. Now it’s come for Big Lobi, a 10-kilo monster who died shortly after being was released into the wild in Chatham, Massachusetts.

The Cape Cod Times reports that Big Lobi was discovered lifeless on Saturday by Ray Wilkes, who had just returned from a fishing trip.

“I was paddling back in a dinghy and saw a large thing over there in the muck,” he said. That “large thing”, unfortunately, was probably Big Lobi, according to Cathrine Macort of the Center for Coastal Studies.

Her reasoning: just two days before, brothers Chris and David Schmidt of New Jersey purchased a massive lobster at the Chatham Pier Fish Market. The brothers initially “joked about freeing the lobster but then decided to really do it”, according to the Cape Cod Times.

They purchased Big Lobi for the equivalent of £160, which, to be frank, seems like a small price to pay. Look at him: