Mobile Google Search Now Looks Inside Apps

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's mobile search options have expanded a little bit today, with the tech giant deciding that people need a better way of searching for content that may be hidden away within apps on their devices.

Hence Google's In Apps search tab, which should be appearing right now within the Google app on the company's Android devices. Update your stuff and you'll find an "In Apps" tab up along the top near the images and web search categories, which pulls out content from keywords it finds within apps. Google says it should be able to pull up app-based chat histories by searching for just one word you remember talking about, plus it should also be able to pull out music results.

Sadly, it seems to need to be made to work with apps on an individual basis, as Google says it currently works with Gmail, Spotify, YouTube and a handful of other tools, but compatibility with the likes of  Facebook Messenger and Google Keep won't be ready until some point within the next few months. [Google]

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