Taiwanese Pop Star Jimmy Lin's Done that New iPhone Picture Leak Thing Again

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

In 2012 it was iPhone 5. The following year it was the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 6 was the thing in 2014, and last year… well, the 6S looks just like its predecessor, so there was no point. Everyone’s favourite Taiwanese pop star, Jimmy Lin, is one of the world’s strangest sources of iPhone leaks.

To date, he has a perfect record, which is why a recent picture of him appearing to be using an iPhone 7 Plus has got tech people around the world jabbing their keyboards in an excitable manner.

Though you can barely see any of the phone -- not least the allegedly smooth bit where you’d normally expect to find a headphone jack -- in the picture, the much-rumoured dual-camera setup is easy to make out.

We can also assume that it will feature a touchscreen, as Lin appears to be poking the front of it with his finger. How long it stays touch-sensitive for, however, remains to be seen.

The phone’s expected to be officially unveiled, along with the regular iPhone 7, in just under two weeks’ time. Now then, where does he keep getting these phones from? [yeah1 via TechnoBuffalo]