Alton Towers Crash Rollercoaster Breaks Down Again - Leaving 32 People Trapped

By James O Malley on at

Image: Lindsey McQueen on Twitter.

The Smiler rollercoaster is causing more problems for Alton Towers today as it has broken down mid-ride - 14 months after a crash which caused two riders to need partial leg amputations.

According to The Mirror, 32 people were stuck mid-air, with their backs to the ground on a vertical section of the track. Alton Towers has apparently said that it stopped the attraction mid-ride after there were reports of debris falling from the ride.

The coaster holds the world record for the most "inversions" - when the rider is turned upside-down.

Since the Coaster first opened in May 2013, it has experienced a number of incidents - with last year's crash being the most serious. It re-opened on the 19th March this year after a long investigation by the Health and Safety Executive. Luckily it appears that no one has been badly hurt this time around - they're just stuck on top of a rollercoaster. [The Mirror]