Amazon's Fire TV Stick is Getting Another Upgrade

By Tom Pritchard on at

With Roku announcing new streaming devices, and rumours that a 4K version of Google's Chromecast is coming next week, it's hardly surprising that Amazon just revealed an upgraded version of the Fire TV Stick.

The new version of the streaming stick will come with a quad-core processor, a 802.11ac Wi-Fi antenna, and Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant built into the remote. Alright it's not exactly a massive upgrade, but Amazon claims that the changes will make the new Fire Stick 30 per cent faster than last year's model.

Unfortunately the rest of the hardware is staying the same, so if you want a Fire TV with 4K or HDR then you're going to have to buy the larger (and more expensive) Fire TV box.

That said, more speed is always a good sign, and the upgraded Wi-Fi antenna means you should be getting more consistent streams and less of that horrific buffering. Even better is the news that despite the new hardware, the price of the new Stick will still be £35 and the older model is getting a price drop.

It's not overly clear whether the Alexa remote will be included with the £35 Fire TV Stick (getting a voice remote with the current model costs £45). We should find out soon, though, since the new model is due for release on 20th October. [TechRadar]