Digital Economy Bill to Demand House-by-House Broadband Speed Checks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those vague guesstimates of broadband speed offered by Rightmove and the like will have to be improved upon if the Digital Economy Bill goes ahead, with one clause within the new law's paperwork demanding that ISPs allow access to specific speed test results for individual addresses.

Instead of vague geographic data that papers over the cracks in individual cabinets, the draft Digital Economy Bill wants ISPs to hand everything over to give movers access to the most important thing about their new home. It used to be surveys about the possibility of subsidence and rising damp, now it's all about how many megabits you might get through a wire all evening.

According to the Local Government Association and everyone who's ever given internet speeds a second thought, the "up to" geographical speed estimates don't mean nuffin' until you've got through the door, connected your router and started the contention battle with your neighbours.

The LGA's Mark Hawthorne said: "We support the Government's aims to allow Ofcom to demand providers open up their premises-level data on broadband so that residents can more easily compare who will provide the best service to their home -- not just their postcode, which can often be inaccurate." [Telegraph]

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