Electric Ubers are Coming to London

By Tom Pritchard on at

Love it or hate it, there's no denying Uber's proven to be a very popular service. Especially in places like London where getting a cab will cost you more than your monthly food budget. Now a bit of a change is coming to the capital's Uber fleet: electric cars.

50 electric vehicles will come to London over the course of next month, as part of the company's Uber X service. It's being done in collaboration with BYD and Nissan, with the company offering BYD E6s and Nissan Leafs to its "top-rated" drivers. If everything goes smoothly, the company will start introducing electric cars into at least one other UK city this autumn.

The Energy Saving Trust will also be conducting a study into the new programme, in order to determine how beneficial running a large fleet of electric cars actually is and whether it would be worth pursuing further.

It's not a self-driving fleet, but given the amount of pollution London is subjected to, getting some petrol-guzzlers off the road isn't such a bad idea. Even if the benefits are minimal, it's better than nothing. [Digital Spy]