Europe Wants to Chop 90-day Mobile Roaming Time Limit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our European friends, who we shall soon be gazing upon as some sort of elegant super-species from the future, are about to have one of the mobile world's oddest little laws ripped away. They want to remove the 90-day limit that mobile operators can currently apply to their roaming agreements.

The European Commission is looking to crack down on the networks' money-making roaming schemes once again, and has the seemingly arbitrary 90-day rule in its sights. Currently, us lot daring to go over there where that lot is, may only use our at-home roaming plans for a maximum of 90 days. This won't hinder your regular tourists, but might be a pain for people working or studying in the EU for longer periods.

And the abolition of this rule was tabled by EC members yesterday, who would like to see the practise of reverting to a less pleasant universal fee structure after 90 days of easy roaming binned by June 2017 -- therefore erasing all roaming charges within the EU completely. By 2017 we won't be allowed to ever leave the country anyway, so it won't really affect us lot. [Guardian]

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