Everything the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Don't Have

By Tom Pritchard on at

As you might have noticed, Apple just announced two brand new phones: The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. While most people have been focusing on what the new phones have to offer, we here at Giz UK have decided to go a slightly different route. We've already shown you what the phones have, and now we're going to show you what they don't have.

Buckle in, we're in for a ride.

Wireless Charging

The lightning port is now being used for something other than charging and data transfer with the iPhone 7, and that means if you start to run out of power you're going to have to stop using your headphones to keep your phone alive. This would have been the perfect place for Apple to introduce wireless charging, so you could keep your phone powered up without pulling out your headphones (or resorting to Bluetooth offerings).

But no, this wasn't here. So if you want to charge up your phone (and it seems you will have to do fairly frequently), you're going to have to plug in a cable like some sort of pleb.

High-End Displays

As ever, Apple is sticking to this whole Retina display fad. So the iPhone 7 has a display with close to 720p resolution, and the iPhone 7 Plus has a 1080p display. 1080p isn't such a bad thing, since a lot of phones have stuck with the good ol' Full HD. Still, you'd expect Apple, a company that publicly prizes itself on creating premium products, would upgrade to higher resolution like Quad HD or 4K. Why it's stuck with 720p on the standard iPhone 7 is beyond me. That's the kind of thing you find on budget and mid-range Android phones, not something that costs £599.

They both have LCD displays as well, which are notoriously power hungry. Given the reputation the iPhone has for poor battery, you'd think they'd upgrade that to something a little bit more energy-efficient.

Multi-Day Battery Life

We all know that the iPhone doesn't have a good battery life, but it doesn't sound as though the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be changing it all that much. Apple claimed that they would last about two hours long than their 6S counterparts, which is... Pretty shit.

Apple might be promising things like 40 hours of audio playback, but the rest of the stats (aside from 3G talk on the 7 Plus which seems strangely high) indicate that the iPhone 7s are going to need charging up everyday. Don't get me wrong extra battery life is always a good thing, but when you have phones from Apple's biggest competitor that can suffer through more then two days of use on a single charge, it doesn't look great for Apple's prospects.

Iris Scanner

I know Samsung only just announced the Galaxy Note 7, but Apple was always leading the way with biometrics on phones with TouchID. Why haven't they improved upon it yet? Come on Apple, stop falling behind!

The Elephant in the Room

Obviously, the biggest news gleamed from rumours is the fact that Apple is ditching the headphone jack. Because this way they can flog their own lightning-enabled headphones and wireless AirPods for ridiculous amounts of money. So that's one thing we all know the new iPhones don't have. At least Apple is including the 3.5mm adaptor free of charge.

Expandable Storage

Shout out to MENTAL1ST who noted my obvious omission. Obviously the new phones don't have any expandable storage. But what if they did? You'd have some new proprietary storage that was so small and thin there's room for multiple cards in each device. Also they'd break very easily, even if you were only taking them out of the phone and putting them into a new one.

Have I missed anything that Apple has failed to include in its new phones? Make your case in the comments below.