Friday Map: This Ultra-Detailed Tube Map Contains All of the Platforms and Signals

By James O Malley on at

A new regular feature where we'll be posting mesmerising maps to help you make it through those last few hours before the weekend (or perhaps we just like posting maps).

Often in life, it turns out that asking the simplest questions can get you the best answers. And that certainly appears to be the case back in 2013 when Stefan Doerr simply sent in a Freedom of Information request to Transport for London (TfL) asking for a detailed track and singling map of the London Underground. It was brought to our attention by the unparalleled London blogger Diamond Geezer who tweeted it earlier.

In response, the agency sent back this never before seen internal document - TfL's own internal detailed map of their network. It's probably not the best map for figuring out how to get between A and B, but it contains details of the relative position of all of the platforms on the network, as well as detail on where the tracks cross over.

For example, check out the above map showing how fiendishly complicated Baker Street station is - and how the map reveals where the Bakerloo Line connects up to the Jubilee (the northern part of the latter from Baker Street used to be a separate branch of the Bakerloo).

The map also shows some long disused parts of the Underground, such as Down Street station on the Piccadilly Line near Hyde Park Corner, and Aldwych, which can still be seen above ground and is what used to be a branch of the Piccadilly coming off at Holborn (you can see the disused platform for Aldwych there too). In the above screenshot, you can also see the disused Jubilee Line platforms at Charing Cross, that were put out of service when the line was extended in 1999.

You can see the full map here if you're curious, and we bet you are.