Happy Birthday Star Trek! Here's 50 Articles For 50 Years

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Happy Birthday Star Trek! It was 50 years ago today that the crew of the Starship Enterprise first set out on their mission to boldly go where no man had gone before, as today is the anniversary of that premiere broadcast on American network NBC.

Five decades, five captains and two universes later, the franchise is still going strong. So to celebrate, and look back, we’ve collected together 50 of our favourite Star Trek pieces from the last few years.

How to Get Into Star Trek if You Only Know the J.J. Abrams Films

Here’s a four-step programme for getting into the rest of Star Trek if you’ve never seen anything prior to 2009. Read more >>

Deep Space Nine is Star Trek's Best World, Because it's the Real World

Don't agree? Let's talk it out.

A Brief History of Star Trek's 'Number Ones'

It’s high time the second-in-commands got their day in the captain’s chair. Read more >>

Leonard 'Bones' McCoy Was the True Heart of Star Trek

Bones was just as integral in making Star Trek a joy to watch as any other character. Read more >>

The Star Trek TV Shows That Never Happened

The many attempts over the year to get Trek on TV that weren’t nearly as successful. Read more >>

What's Your Favourite Thing About Star Trek?

Really, just treat this as a place to talk about anything Star-Trek-related. Read more >>

Star Trek is My Best Love

Star Wars was my first love, but Star Trek is my best love. Let me explain. Read more >>

The Voice of Star Trek's Computers Could Be Coming to Both Discovery and Your Phone

The late Majel Barrett's speech has been lovingly archived to be used forever more. Read more >>

The New Star Trek TV Show Has a Title and a Starship

Behold the U.S.S. Discovery, designation NCC-1031.

We've Finally Got Some Solid Details About Star Trek: Discovery

Brian Fuller has spilled some secrets about the setting of the upcoming series. Read more >>

Star Trek: Discovery Will Have Books and Comics Coming Out at the Same Time as the Show

CBS is working with IDW and Simon & Schuster to produce more content set in that time and place. Read more >>

Bryan Fuller Explains Why the New Show is Called Star Trek: Discovery

It turns out there's more than one reason. Read more >>

Star Trek: Discovery Officially Takes Place in the Prime Universe

In a press conference after the Comic Con panel, executive producers Bryan Fuller and Heather Kadin gave just a few more details about the show. Read more >>

William Shatner is Sorry Paramount Didn't Stop Him From Ruining Star Trek V

Shatner offers his regrets for the infamous Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, while passive-aggressively blaming Paramount anyway. Fun! Read more >>

William Shatner Says Star Trek Wouldn't Exist Without Star Wars

Now, can there finally be peace between the fandoms? Read more >>

Star Trek Beyond Review: Half a Good Star Trek Movie Is Better Than None

One day, one of the new Star Trek films will be more than the sum of its parts—the parts being a nearly perfect cast. But until then we have Star Trek Beyond. Read more >>

In Star Trek Beyond, Fear of Death is What Will Keeps Everyone Alive

Trailer shows off a retrospective Kirk as his ship is shot out from under him. Read more >>

Star Trek Beyond Concept Art Shows Off Starships and Stunning Alien Vistas

In this concept art by Victor Martinez, you can get a closer look at some designs for the planet, some ships that never made it to screen, and more. Read More >>

Next Star Trek Movie Will See Return of Chris Hemsworth as Kirk's Father, According to J.J. Abrams

The film will also somehow bring the elder Kirk together with his son, played by Chris Pine. Read more >>

George Takei Tried to Convince the Team Behind Star Trek Beyond to Not Make Sulu Gay

Takei argues that revealing the character to be homosexual at this stage suggests that the character was closeted before. Read more >>

Simon Pegg Responds to George Takei: Adding a New Gay Character to Star Trek Would Have Been Worse

Both Takei and Pegg share the same fundamental beliefs about Star Trek, and have come to entirely different conclusions. Read more >>

Simon Pegg Has a Canonical Explanation For Why Sulu is Gay in the New Star Trek Universe

Tucked into a second response addressing George Takei’s disappointment, co-writer Simon Pegg has shared his explanation for this change. Read more >>

The Best Gifts To Get You Hyped Up for Star Trek Beyond

The third rebooted movie is on its way, so let's check out some great Final-Frontier-themed goodies. Read more >>

Netflix Gets the International Rights to All the Star Trek TV Series, Including the New One

This is good news for Trek fans who don't live in the US or Canada. Read more >>

Step Into the Enterprise by Touring This Incredible Star Trek Set Recreation

Trek megafan James Cawley recreates the Star Trek: The Original Series set exactly as it appeared in 1966. Read more >>

The Original Starship Enterprise Has Been Restored to its Former Glory

After a long process of restoration, the ship has finally been made available for public viewing again, just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary. Read More >>

Star Trek Creators Tell Fans How Not to Get Sued

Issue handy guidelines to follow when making your own Trek-themed porn films. Read more >>

Star Trek Risk Will Finally Determine Who's the Best Starfleet Captain of All Time

Starfleet captains are pitted against each other – including Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway. Jonathan Archer is also in the game. Read more >>

The Original Star Trek is Getting an Incredible Blu-Ray Set for the 50th Anniversary

The box set covers all three seasons of the original series, the entirety of Star Trek: The Animated Series, and the first six Star Trek films featuring the original cast across 30 Blu-ray discs – that's not all, either. Read more >>

Yes, This Amazing Star Trek Delta Coin is Real Currency in Canada

How could you possibly resist buying up all of these? Read more >>

We Can Learn a Lot from the Economics of Star Trek

A new book explores the unexplored area of the Star Trek world that is its economical inner workings. Read more >>

There's No Cloning in Quantum Mechanics, So the Star Trek Transporter Really is a Suicide Box

Two brainy people are fighting over the true implications of Star Trek's teleporter. Read more >>

Try Not to Drool Over This Exquisite £5,048 Replica of the USS Enterprise

You don’t need skills to put this magnificent replica of the 2009 USS Enterprise on your fireplace mantle — just £5,000. Read more >>

These Star Trek Figures Are So Realistic I'd Swear They're Kirk and Spock in the Flesh

Revealed at Toy Fair this past weekend, these two 1/6th scale figures come from QMx, which is best known for its equally stunning Star Trek ship models. Read More >>

You Don't Need Any Starfleet Training to Fly This Star Trek USS Enterprise Drone

Spin Master has turned its popular quadcopter drones into a flying version of the USS Enterprise. Read more >>

Woodworker Crafts Astonishing Replica Model Of The Original USS Enterprise

The acting on Star Trek may have been a wooden at times, but the USS Enterprise itself wasn’t. Until now, that is. Read more >>

Obviously a Bunch of Trekkies Design USA Today

What’s that sound? Like millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced? You had one job, USA TodayRead more >>

Beam Your Booze With Glowing Star Trek Transporter Pad Coasters

Unfortunately the folks at ThinkGeek haven't figured out transporter technology, so this will have to do for now. Read more >>

Star Trek Phaser and Tricorder Pillows Keep the Aliens Under Your Bed at Bay

Specially for those Trekkers who can't move onto the wonders of Next Generation. Read more >>

Sir Patrick Stewart Inspires Star Trek-Themed Rugby League Kit

It’s not too often that the worlds of sport and sci-fi mix, but Sir Patrick Stewart has somehow managed to bring rugby and Star Trek together, but here we are. Read more >>

The Best Star Trek Gifts for Trekkies, Trekkers, and Everyone In Between

We finally have news that a new Star Trek series is on the way, so why not celebrate with some Trek themed goodies? Read more >>

How Close are We to Creating a Star-Trek-Like "Holodeck"?

There are several main technologies that are on display in a holodeck, some of which we are closer to and some of which we are further away from. Read more >>

Star Wars vs Star Trek: Which is More Technologically Advanced?

Let's answer that age-old (well, 40-odd years old) question. Read more >>

Watch Mythbusters' Adam Savage Build the Ultimate Star Trek Captain’s Chair

It’s glorious, and I’m jealous.

Watch ISS Astronauts Geek Out About Star Trek

Astronauts on the International Space Station get down to a little Q&A. Read more >>

Spock and the Motorola StarTac

A fun little anecdote about Leonard Nimoy and his favourite mobile phone. Read more >>

All of the Real Life Technologies That Star Trek Predicted

It's only a matter of time before a mug of piping hot Earl Grey tea is just a voice command away. Read more >>

Every Original Star Trek Episode as a Vintage Movie Poster

Inspired by legendary graphic designers like Saul Bass, the vibe of the 60s and 70s, and—of course—Star Trek, an artist put together a series of posters for dozens of Trek movies that never were. Read more >>

George Takei Wants to Unite Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans in War Against Twilight

Star Wars and Star Trek very probably have the most rabid fans known to geekdom. Takei says it's time to join forces. Read more >>

Almost There: 10 Star TrekTechnologies Within Our Grasp

Whether you love or hate Star Trek, you have to respect its vision. A future in which humanity has transcended money, wealth, and greed in favour of pure enlightenment and exploration. And space battles. Read more >>