Here's How You Can Exchange Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was looking incredibly promising, until the batteries started exploding and ruining everyone's expensive new phones. Today, Samsung has detailed how people in the UK and Ireland can exchange their newly acquired phones and prevent any explosive messes.

From the 19th September, Samsung will let people swap their current Note 7s and receive a brand new one in return. The exchange is completely voluntary, and you won't really have to do very much. Samsung is working with networks and retailers, who should be contacting Note 7 owners in the coming weeks to arrange an exchange.

Anyone with a pending pre-order should also expect a delay, while Samsung makes sure that they get sent a handset that definitely won't be exploding.

Samsung has emphasised that the battery issues people have experienced are only an isolated number of cases (there were only 35 cases as of last week). That said it's conducting a thorough investigation with its suppliers to try and identify any affected batteries still out in the world. It's also making it clear that only Galaxy Note 7 devices are affected, so anyone with a different Samsung handset is safe. [Samsung]