Jet-Powered Hearses, Shopping Trolleys and Sheds Battle for World Speed Records

By Gary Cutlack on at

A race event over the weekend saw world records fall and much exotic fuel burned, as attendees at North Yorkshire's Elvington Airfield watched weird vehicles attempt to out-weird and out-race each other.

The Straightliners UK event was headlined by Kevin Knicks and his motorised shed, although there were plenty of serious people attempting acceleration and stunt records too. Ian King, for example, rode the Gulf Oil Top Fuel Drag Bike and set a new record in his class for accelerating fast, as you might expect from a bike putting out 1500hp.

Back on the comedy/eccentric side of things there was thrilling action from a man who got a jet-powered shopping trolley all the way up to 61.18 mph, almost certainly setting a world best because no one else has ever thought to do such a thing. And in thrilling news for new fans of the monowheel racing scene, a rival to WarHorse has appeared -- taking the genre's world record with a new top speed of 64.276 mph.

Also exciting to a certain demographic was a woman who did a wheelie on a motorbike for one entire kilometre. [Straightliners via BBC]

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