Model F-16 Jet Buzzes North Korean Air Show

By Gary Cutlack on at

A US F-16 was spotted over North Korea this weekend, but it wasn't on a mission to start WWIII. It was a jet-powered model of the American fighter plane, flown at an air show in the country.

It was one of the attractions at the Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival, where a mock-up of both the F-16 and a Chinese J-10 fighter flew above crowds to demonstrate the regime's model-building superiority, or to show the Americans that they're not afraid or that they got the blueprints off a torrent site.

Those in attendance were also able to see North Korea's own air arsenal in operation, in the form of the slightly ageing Sukhoi Su-25s and MiG-29s it bought off the Russians when the Russians made newer things.

Further mocking the west was an exhibition flight made by a Hughes MD 500, a US-built chopper believed to have been illegally acquired by the regime in the 1980s that really shouldn't be performing tricks in North Korea. [Bloomberg]

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