Nerd Wins Scrabble Championship With Word You’ve Never Heard Of

By Eve Peyser on at

As you probably already know, the World Scrabble Championship 2016 final took place on Saturday. Brett Smitheram, a 37-year-old east Londoner took home the grand prize of €7,000, which is equivalent to about £5,800.

The 176-point word that led to his victory? Braconid, which is a parasitic wasp.

His other high-scoring words were periagua (an American Indian canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk; 76 points), sundri (an east Indian tree; 28 points), and gynaecia (the plural of gynoecium, the female part of a flower; 95 points).

What this proves is that knowing fancy science and history words can help you score mad points in a Scrabble game, and maybe even win the big bucks.

In other news, I’ve literally never won a game of Scrabble in my life.[The Guardian]