New Road Safety Campaign Takes the Cyclists' Side

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest government road safety campaign to be launched under the THINK! umbrella is all about telling car drivers what to do and how best to not kill cyclists, with a six-point visual list feature telling drivers how to respect the space of bike riders as if this was bloody Amsterdam and cyclists were people.

The campaign covers all the common ground, including warning cyclists themselves to sit back from lorries if they think one might be about to turn left and potentially use their fluorescent bib to wipe down their exhaust pipe. The majority of the tips are aimed quite firmly at telling car drivers what to do and what not to do, though, which can only lead to mass fury and head-mounted camera evidence of street fights. Here's the thing:

And seeing as this is 2016 and everything has to be reduced to the level of a funny meme so stupid people might pay attention to it, there's a funny version of the advice too. This one's aimed at the cyclist, and is all about solving the problem by terrifying people off the roads altogether from what we can tell:

The comments on YouTube beneath this one are what you might expect, all people popping up with their best anecdotes about how it's always the fault of the people on the opposite side of the segregated barrier and threatening to report the ad to authorities because it's not saying what they think. [GOV]

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