North Korea Has Supposedly Banned Sarcasm

By James O Malley on at

North Korea is already well known as the most repressive regime on Earth - and now having already locked up dissidents and freethinkers, it is going after the lowest form of wit: Sarcasm.

And it's totally going to work.

According to the Evening Standard the government is worried that sarcasm could be used to subtly enable dissent. Apparently North Koreans will sometimes say "This is all America's fault", presumably as a sarcastic reaction to something bad happening.

Apparently mass meetings have been held in the country to publicise the new rules, with one state security official apparently euphemistically referring to sarcasm as "hostile actions" by internal rebellious elements.

Strangely, this isn't necessarily the stupidest thing the North Korean government has done. It once insisted after a famine that everyone get a goat, and then the ensuing plague of goats destroyed what was left of the country's arable land.

But don't worry Kim Jong-Un, your latest plan is totally fool-proof. [Standard]