Rail Bosses May Force Train Companies to Put Out Refund Reminder Announcements

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Department for Transport is looking at ways to increase the number of passengers who go through the hassle of collecting a refund for disrupted travel, with one option being to force trains to make announcements reminding travellers to claim their money back should a trip turn into an unforeseen nightmare of delays.

According to Department for Transport man Paul maynard, the MP with responsibility for rail services, other options on the table include forcing train companies to hand out claim forms at the end of journeys. The reason being that around 80 per cent of people making trips that qualify for refunds don't bother claiming their proportional bit of ticket money back, either out of apathy or because they don't realise there's a small chunk of change to be collected because of how the train didn't move for no apparent reason for 42 minutes.

Maynard told the Telegraph: "In my meetings with the Rail Delivery Group I have been encouraging them all to think: ‘How do I make the process of applying for compensation a simpler and easier process?'" [Telegraph]

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