Renault's Zoe Has the Longest Range of any Mainstream Electric Car

By Tom Pritchard on at

Petroleum-based fuels can't last forever, that's a well known fact. But adoption of electric cars hasn't been all that high. Renault hopes that its new Zoe will help things along, offering a 250-mile range that it hopes will break down any fears drivers have of running out of juice.

That's right, this car can apparently go a while 250 miles before you have to recharge it. The only other company that can claim to offer that is Tesla, and their cars cost a bloody fortune. Electric cars from other companies, like BMW and Nissan, tend to stick with a range of 100-150 miles.

The battery inside the new Zoe model, made in collaboration with LG, employs different chemistry and has nearly twice the capacity of the original Zoe - which had a range of 149 miles. Though, despite being apparently being the same size as before, the new battery is also twice as heavy.

Despite the competition, Eric Feunteun, vice-president of Renault’s electric vehicle programme, praised Tesla for helping create a positive public image for electric cars. He doesn't consider competition from the American-based company as an issue, seemingly because of the price difference and because more electric cars gives customers more choice.

The new car will go on sale this Saturday, and will be delivered to drivers sometime in November. It's expected to cost around £17,000, after a £4,500 government grant, which is a bargain compared to Tesla's £50,000+ offerings. [The Guardian]