Samsung Ordered to X-Ray 'Safe' Galaxy Note 7s in South Korea

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A regulator in South Korea that’s clearly really pissed off with Samsung has reportedly told the company to treat ‘safe’ Note 7s like suspected broken bones before re-issuing them to consumers there.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards wants Samsung and its battery suppliers to X-ray each unit to be sure sure that they’ve been put together properly and won’t blow somebody’s ear off. Which sort of makes us want the company to take the same measures in the UK.

It’s likely to be an expensive process, but Samsung made a spectacular boo-boo and therefore has nothing to complain about.

The refund period in South Korea has also been extended, as hardly anyone’s decided to return their potentially explosive phones so far. The UK Note 7 exchange programme, meanwhile, launched on September 19th, with safe versions of the phone coming with green battery icons and special ‘I probably won’t explode’ stickers. [WSJ via Phone Arena]